How To Use Ebates to Make Money and Earn Cash Back on Purchases


How it works: Ebates is currently the most popular cashback website out there. Signing up with ebates allows you to get cashback from thousands of stores.

Payment: Ebates currently offers up to 10% cashback at Amazon, 5% at ebay, 2% and walmart. Browse through their store selection to see how much they are offer at different stores.



What is Ebates?

Ebates is a website that automatically gives you cash back for shopping online at stores you probably already shop at such as Amazon, Bestbuy, Macy’s, just to name a few. Ebates is able to do this because Ebates has a partnership with these stores and many other stores. The stores give Ebates cash for referring shoppers (you and me) through Ebate’s website, and Ebates then gives some of the cash it receives from the stores back to the shoppers it referred.

How much money can I save with Ebates?

Ebates’s has partnership with over 1800 stores, so the cash back you can earn will vary with each store. With that being said, most well known stores like Walmart, Amazon, Target, etc. seem to offer 1% to 6% cash back. I have noticed that many travel sites like Travelocity, Expedia, etc. offer higher cash back rates usually between 8% to 10%.

How to sign up for Ebates

Signing up for Ebates is easy and only requires an email address.

  1. Make an account for free on Ebates. You can either login through an existing facebook or google account, or create an account on Ebates by providing an email and password.
  2. Once logged in, at the top right of the Ebates page, you will see your account name. Click on your account name.
  3. Click on account settings and enter in either your paypal information, or name and address. Depending on what you prefer, Ebates will send you cash back checks to your address or deposit them directly to your paypal account.

How do I use Ebates?

The simple answer is that you have to start on the Ebates website and allow Ebates to redirect you to the website of the business you want to shop at like Amazon. Then, certain purchases you make from the store Ebate’s redirected you to will net you cash back in the form of a check or paypal deposit from Ebates. To break it down, just follow these steps:   

  1. If you haven’t already, sign up at Ebates.
  2. On the front page, you will see a list of business you can earn cash back from like Amazon, Sephora, Bestbuy, etc. If you don’t see the store you are looking for, you can search for that store at the top of the page. For each store, Ebates tells you how much cash back you can earn.
  3. Once you find the store you want to shop at on Ebates, click on the button from the Ebates page.
  4. Ebates will then take you to a page where it gives you details about the cashback you can get at that store. For example, I clicked on Amazon, and Ebates took me to the following page which shows how much I can earn in cash back from Amazon.
  5. amazon-cashbackOnce you are on Ebates page of the store you want shop at, click on the “Shop Now” button on the page, and Ebates will redirect you to the store.
  6. Now that you are redirected to the store, just shop as you normally would and you will earn cash back. However, in order to earn the cash back, you need to make sure you are shopping at the link that Ebates redirected you to. If you open up another tab and go directly to the website of the store, you will not get the cash back.

How to get Ebates discounts at your favorite stores while shopping in real life

Ebates initially started offering cash back on online purchases only but now Ebates offers cash back in store as well by linking your credit card to Ebates. For example, you get automatic 6.0% cash back on your purchases at JCpenny, or 8.0% a Sephora, without having to use any coupons.

  1. Simply login to Ebates.
  2. Click on the “In-Store Cash Back” link in the Ebates header.
  3. Ebates will then show you the cash back opportunities at various stores like below:
  4. Click on the “Link Offer” button and include the credit card details for the credit card you intend to use at the store.
  5. That is it. Next time you make a purchase at store you will automatically get cash back when you make a purchase with your linked credit card. No need to say or do anything when you make the purchase. Ebates will simply email you let you know that you received cash back.

How to use the Ebates’ Browser Extension to Earn Cash Back

The catch to using Ebates is that you have to remember to start on the Ebates before shopping at the store you want. It is easy to forget to use the Ebates site before shopping. Other times you might be just be lazy. However, you can avoid these issues by installing the Ebates extension to your browser. The Ebates extension does not interfere with your browsing, but it will automatically give you a notification once you when a site you are on is eligible for cash back and allow you to switch to the cash back version of the site with one click. Below of an example of how it looks when I visited Expedia –


As you can see on the top right hand corner of the image, without the extension, I could have missed an 8% cash back opportunity without even realizing it.

How to make money using Ebates’ referral program

You can make money and help your friends by taking advantage of Ebates’s referral program. Ebates tends to change their referral program every so often, but at presently you can earn $25 for each referral. Additionally, Ebates will give your referee $10. It is a win-win for everybody.

  1. Once you make an Ebates’ account, at the top right hand of the page header you will see a button that says “Refer & Earn $25+” – click on the button.
  2. Once you click on the referral page, Ebates will give you a special referral link unique to your account. For example, mine is
  3. Copy your referral link and share with your friends. Your link will simply redirect users to so that they can sign up.
  4. Ebates will send you a check of $25 for each friend who signs up through your link and is (1) a new member to ebates; (2) signs up during the “referral period”; (3) makes a qualifying purchase totaling $25 or more during within a year of signing up.

Pros of using Ebates

  1. Save money shopping at places you would have shopped at anyways
  2. No points or minimum earnings to earn cash back
  3. You can use ebates to combine with other discounts or coupons.

Cons of using Ebates

  1. To earn cash back, you need to remember to start on Ebates site, then navigate from Ebates to the store you wish to shop at. However, as mentioned above, you can avoid this issue by installing the Ebates extension to your browser so you are automatically notified.
  2. Cash back offerings can change from time to time.


Ebates is a great way to earn cash back with minimal effort while shopping online. It is especially helpful to use the Ebates extension so you are automatically notified of cash back option before you make a purchase.