17 Paid Survey Sites to Earn Money

Many sites will pay you cash or gift cards to take surveys that are used by market researchers or academics. Most of these sites require that you enter some preliminary information such as your age, gender, etc. so they can match you up with surveys. Surveys can be a good to make money from home. The amount you earn per survey will usually depend on the length and complexity of the survey.

Swagbucks Review: How to earn money and free giftcards with Swagbucks


Quick Summary:

How it works: Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites right now. You earn Swagbucks (“SB”) currency for doing small tasks such as shopping online, taking surveys, watching videos.


Payment: 100SB = $1. You can redeem your SB through PayPal or as gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, and other popular […]

Harris Poll


How it works: Earn gift cards by participating in polls, surveys, focus groups, telephone surveys or other activities. Surveys are usually 15-20 minutes. Earn  75-150 points for each survey, even if you get disqualified from a survey.


Payment: 1250 points = $10. Must have 1250 points before you can request a giftcard for Amazon, […]



How it works: A market research site which offers 5-7 min politically oriented surveys. Each surveys gives you points which you can use to redeem through paypal or giftcards.


Payment: 1000 points = $1. Earn 500-1000 points per survey. Minimum of 25,000 point payout.



How it works: Earn rewards by taking surveys, completing offers, shopping, participating in contests, trying out products or services, watching videos, listening to music etc. Earn 3 cents each time you log in.


Payment: Your rewards can be redeemed in gift cards or Bitcoin. 1000 points ($10) min in order to redeem.

American Consumer Opinion


How it works: Take surveys, ranging from 5 to 40 minutes. Average 10 minute. A few surveys will be mailed to you each month.


Payment: 100 points = $1. Minimum $10 cash out. Get paid through check or Paypal.



How it works: Take surveys on your PC or phone. You can choose which surveys to do based on their length and money they give you. Most range from 8-25 mins. Average $1.75 per survey.


Payment: 1 point = $1. $10 minimum withdraw. Redeem your points through paypal or giftcards.



How it works: Earn by doing survey, watching videos, daily tasks, trial offers, click on ads, participate in contests and more. This site is open to people around the world though most offers are for residents of U.S., Canada, UK, Australia and Italy.


Payment: 100 points = $1.00. Minimum $1.00 payout. Get paid via […]



How it works: This site focuses on short, simple surveys. Usually 2-3 minute long. You get paid per question. Get paid for filling out your profile as well.


Payment: Get paid in cash only. Cashout is $15 dollars.

Vindale Research


How it works: Participate in market research surveys targeting to US, UK, Canada and Australian audiences. After you fill out your profile, Vindale will match you with available surveys. They will also email new ones to you when they appear.


Payment: Once you reach $50 account balance, you may withdraw by check or paypal. Earn up […]

Prolific Academic


How it works: Get paid to take academic surveys. You answer screener questions upon sign up to and get preselected for surveys.


Payment: Payout varies from each study. Minimum payout is 5 euros. Payment though paypal.



How it works: Earn points for surveys, shopping, checking emails sent by MyPoints and watching videos. Points vary based on tasks.


Payment: Redeem points for giftcards, travel trips, or paypal. $25 minimum paypal payout.

ESPN Fan Advisors: Make Money Doing Sports Related Surveys


What is ESPN Fan Advisors?

ESPN Fan Advisors is an online platform where you get rewarded to answer sports related survey questions and participate in community activities. Taking surveys on ESPN Fan Advisors earns you points. These points can then be redeemed for giftcards from any of the more than 100 retail brands such as […]



How it works: Earn points for entering into sweep stakes, searching the web, completing surveys. Perk tells you how long each survey takes to complete. Usually 5-30 mins. Also, earn points by streaming videos.


Payment: 1000 points = $1. Redeem points for digital gift cards.



How it works: Match with market research surveys. Surveys take 5-20 mins. Some questions on surveys are there to check attention.


Payment: 1 point = $1 dollar. Redeem points for wide range of digital gift cards or direct deposit.

Gift Hulk


How it works: Earn Hulk Coins (“HC”) for signing up for free offers, searching, completing surveys, and cashback shopping through online stores like amazon.


Payment: 100 Hulk Coins = $1. Redeem your HCs for gifts cards to places like gamestop, amazon, and walmart, to name a few.



How it works: Earn points through surveys, answering questionnaires, submitting your email information to different sites, cashback shopping etc. You can sort tasks based most completed.


Payment: 100 points = $1. Redeem your points by check, direct deposit, or instant digital gift cards to places like Amazon.



How it works: Get paid to do surveys, complete polls, sign up for free offers.


Payment: You earn honey dollars if you do the tasks described above. 1 HD = $1. Once you earn 200 HD, you can exchange your HD for amazon giftcards.