9 Ways to Make Passive Money

In this section, we list the passive ways you can earn money without having to really do anything, or for doing things you would have already done anyways. For example, we list sites that provide you cash back on many online stores, or apps and addons that pay you to track your device usage. You might not make as much as you would from more active methods, but at the same time, these methods take minimal effort.


Can you actually get paid just to receive text messages? Short answer: YES!

What is SMS Profit and how does it work?

SMS Profit is an app that pays users a small amount of cash simply for receiving text messages. That’s it. You don’t need to do anything other than receive the text. You can […]


How it works: Make money by putting removable advertisements on  your car and driving as you normally would. It is free to join but your car must be a 2005 model or newer. Ad campaigns are usually 3-6 months long.


Payment: If you are chosen for the program, you will be paid $100 per month. You […]


How it works: Rakuten is currently the most popular cashback website out there. Signing up with Rakuten allows you to get cashback from thousands of stores.


Payment: Rakuten currently offers up to 10% cashback at Amazon, 5% at ebay, 2% and walmart. Browse through their store selection to see how much they are […]


How it works: Musicians can sign up with Google Play Music and sell their music online. You can also choose to make your music available to Google Play music subscribers. There is a $25 setup fee for each new store page.


Payment: You set your own price and you receive 70% of the amount with 30% going […]


How it works: You receive money into your SavingStar account after using digital coupons connected to your membership account at different retail stores.


Payment: Cash out is $5. Either through Paypal or direct deposit.


How it works: SlideJoy is an app that pays you a steady amount of money to display ads on your lock screen. The ads don’t interfere with anything and they go away after you unlock.


Payment: Average earning is $3 to $5 a month. Get paid in cash or giftcards. Must have SlideJoy installed […]


How it works: Qmee is a browser extension that enables discreet relevant ads to appear on your google, bing and yahoo. Qmee pays you a couple cents each time you click on one of these ads.


Payment: Get paid by gift card, or with verified paypal account. No minimum withdraw.


How it works: Earn points for searching on Bing. At level 1, you earn 5 points per Bing search, up to 50 a day. At level 2, you earn 5 points per search, up to 250 points per day. Must sing up to being earning.


Payment: 5,000 points = $5. Redeem points for gift cards, movies, […]


How it works: Get paid to share your internet usage and device usage. You install a browser extension or app that securely shares market research data with google.


Payment: You earn points on a weekly basis just for using your computer/devices. Redeem points for gift cards.