The 10 Best Products That Will Save You Money in 2020

Published May 2, 2020, Category: Save Money


Sometimes saving money isn’t as obvious as not spending it. As ironic as it sounds, spending money can sometimes help you save money in the long run. That is why we created this list where we examined products that will actually help you SAVE money. Many of these clever products help you save by being reusable or helping you get the most out of your current usages.


1. LED Light Bulbs

Besides being good for the environment, because they do not contain mercury or other hazardous materials, LED lights offer significantly less energy to operate. Even though they are more expensive to buy than standard bulbs, in the long run they will save you money because of their efficient energy use and long life span. The regular incandescent light bulbs last about 1,000 hours while the led lights can last up to 60,000 hours. In general, led light bulbs are about 80% more efficient than incandescent light.


2. Reusable Snack Bags

Throwing plastic snack bags after each use is a waste of money, so buying reusable snack bags made of non toxic silicone makes great economic sense. They contain no harmful BPA, no PVC, and latex and are dishwasher and microwave safe.



3. Toothpaste Dispenser

This gadget ensures that you do not put too much toothpaste on your toothbrush and that not a single drop is wasted, making your toothpaste last much longer. This is especially helpful for kids to make sure they get just the right amount on their toothbrush.


4. Reusable Water Bottle

Every time you drink from a plastic water bottle you are exposed the unhealthy chemicals that have seeped from the plastic into the water, especially if they have been exposed to heat. In fact, a WHO study has concluded that 90% of plastic water bottles contain tiny pieces of plastic. By getting a reusable water bottle, you not only save money by not having to buy water bottles but you can rest assured that you are not ingesting any harmful chemicals. Reusable water bottles are BPA free and 100% non toxic.


5. Surge Protector

A lightning strike that occurs close to an electric pole can cause a surge of electricity that can come through a wall socket and fry your electrical appliances. This is because they cannot withstand such an increase in electricity at once. You can either unplug all the appliances or you can invest in a whole house surge protector.


6. Programmable Thermostat

We all know that we don’t need the same heating/air conditioning throughout the day. All the unnecessary cooling or heating can waste a lot of money. When you get a programmable thermostat, you have the option to program it to either cool or heat more in the hours that you actually need it. You can program it to heat/cool less during the hours you are at work and adjust to the desired temperature before you return home.


7. Battery Charger

It’s happened to all of us, you take the flashlight and find out it doesn’t work because the batteries are old. And isn’t it annoying when the batteries in your remote get weak and you don’t have any new ones around? Never have this issue again. Invest in a battery charger and you can save a ton of money by recharging batteries and not having to buy new ones. Plus, you will have the convenience of always having ready batteries.


8. Water Efficient Shower Head

Taking a shower wastes gallons and gallons of water. As the cost of water keeps going up, it makes economic and ecological sense to try and save on wasteful water usage. By installing a low flow shower head, you will enjoy your shower and spend less than 2.5 gallons of water per minute. During the year you can save thousands of gallons of water.


9. Flip It! Bottle emptying kit

Flip It! Bottle emptying kit-This little gadget will help you get every last drop of a shampoo,  liquid soap, or lotion. Flip It! is plastic funnel with a tripod that holds a bottle of hand soap, shampoo, lotion or any condiment that comes in a plastic bottle, upside down. It comes with adapters to fit smaller and larger bottles.


10. Coin Bank

This coin bank will literally help you save money. All too often people do not keep track of their loose change. They either discard it or they just lose it. With a designated coin bank to place your coin, you’ll notice that you’ll end up saving more coins than you normally would have.


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